Farmstand CSA Share


Sign up and pay for your CSA shares by May 15th. (After May 15th, you can add to your CSA card but you will not receive the additional 10% product value.) 

With a Farmstand CSA, you pay $100 by May 1st to receive $110 worth of credit at our farmstand. You may buy as many shares as you think you will need, in $100 increments, and spend them throughout the growing season while our farmstand is open, from May through October.

Your purchase will support the farm in the same way as a traditional CSA, by helping us receive cash flow in the late winter and early spring when we need it most. In return, you get an extra 10% discount and our sincere gratitude!

How Does It Work?


Call or email us with any questions at (207) 342-2592 or

Register and pay for your CSA shares by May 15th 

  1. Sign up for as many CSA shares as you think you will need. Each Farmstand CSA share of $100, and will be worth $110 in farmstand/market purchases.
  2. Shop at the farmstand/farmers’ markets and spend your credit! The farmstand is open from May through October. We’ll issue you a swipe card to track your balance.  

Easy Peasy!

Daybreak Growers Alliance CSA


Here are some awesome things about Daybreak:

  • Daybreak delivers CSA shares with Bahner Farm produce as well as produce from other local, organic farms that we love, like Villageside Farm in Freedom, New Beat Farm in Knox, Ironwood Farm in Albion and many more.
  • Daybreak CSA Shares are customizable, which means if there’s one or two things you don’t like, you can choose to sub in a different product.
  • You can select from mixed veggie, greens-only, and fruit-only shares.
  • You can choose add-ons such as  meat, eggs, pantry items and more.
  • Daybreak delivers shares year-round. You can put your shares on hold if you need to skip a week for vacation or any other reason.
  • No need to pay in full up front for shares: choose payment plans that will charge your card weekly if you prefer.

In short, Daybreak has a lot to offer, and we hope you think so too. They deliver to Athenahealth, Waldo County General, and downtown Belfast as well as many other locations throughout the state. 


In 2019, we were invited to merge our CSA with the Daybreak Growers Alliance. 

Daybreak Growers Alliance is a multi-farm CSA dedicated to promoting and distributing produce and farm products from Waldo County farms. 

Bahner Farm are now part-owners of the Daybreak LLC, and it means that our CSA shares are now Daybreak Shares!


Farmer's Markets


For 2021, we have decided to stop attending all our farmers markets except for Bar Harbor Eden Farmers Market.

We’re making this change so we will have more produce available for the growing farmstand and our partners at Daybreak Grower Alliance. And to be honest, we also want to be able to spend a little more time with our kids! Hope to see you in the farmstand or at a farmers market this summer!